Sacred Mountain of Tindaya

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Tindaya Mountain is situated in the north-east of Fuerteventura, close to La Oliva. The original aboriginal inhabitants of Fuerteventura considered Tindaya to be a sacred mountain with magical properties.


Tindaya mountain is one of the most ancient of the archipelago. It is made of trachyte. That is why it is white and shines under the rays of the Sun.

It is the unique Canarian mountain of this geological material. Because of its pyramidal shape, altitude, and the plain that surrounds it, it is also peculiar.

Due to its natural values, the mountain has been

declared: Natural Monument, Area of ecological sensitivity and Area of special protection for birds.


The Aboriginal population kept in mind these physical characteristics to sacralize it, engraving on it nearly 300 silhouettes of traces of human feet oriented to the winter solstice.

It is the greater archeological site of this type in the world. It is therefore a sacred mountain.

The population developed cults in it, like burning food, setting out standing stones and burying some dead people. Other important archeological sites are located at its base and in its surroundings there are sites which are settled, because of the presence of the mountain, oriented towards it.

The whole mountain should be declared good of Cultural interest for its archaeological value.

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