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 The Fuerteventura Spanish School brings you closer to WOMAD Festival, (World, Music Art and Dance) which will be held in Fuerteventura (Canary Islands )on the 7th, 8th and 9th of November.dh_4

  This festival aims to make us more appreciative of the world music artists for better fostering the peaceful inter-relationships of peoples. This year festival will be celebrated in Gran Tarajal, on he Southside of the Island. It promises to be an outstanding opportunity to become much more knowledgeable and apreciative of the great range of activities that the Festival offersand to discover the magic of the island where the Festival takes place

 Dance classes, yoga and meditation, art exhibitions, tattoos and a lot of activities that accompany the music groups in the world, in a special beauty enviorenment , declared like biosphere reserve by UNESCO. We are sure that this edition will be not the last to be held in Fuerteventura. 
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The sense of freedom that comes from snorkeling

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The island has a number of easy access spots to the big blue. Snorkelling by the cliffs in clear, calm waters it is possible to find many different animal species like the small sharks called “big angels” or the majestic manta rays.

 You may float over an ancient crater eroded to the seabed and swim among hundreds of colourful fish and shallow cavities in the nature reserve of the Isle of Lobos. Or enjoy the sea pools at high tide sorrounded by superfine white sandy beaches; sand brought by the winds from Sahara desert. We will provide you with wetsuits for

you to experience the sea of a volcanic island!

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