I had wonderful hollidays at Fuerteventura.

It all started when I went to the island because of my job. I worked with Ridley Scott in Exodous some months ago. I worked as Art director assistant and had to deal with many spanish people.

We had a translator to deliver the instructions to the spanish part of the crew. That´s how I met Yaiza, she was the translator. She came with me when I had to deal with the suppliers, and I had a lot of suppliers to see. She´s awesome, real fun.


I have always had an ability for languages (may be because I was born in Albania) and after a month (it took three months that location) I could understand some of the words she spoke. She told me about a school in the isle where she also works as a teacher. I have liked the island very much and wanted to learn spanish for real, so when a I had my job done at the film I came back to Fuerteventura to the school.


My wife, who works in a serious kind of job could not take a fortnight of hollidays in may. So I went alone.


The course includes accommodation in a local enviroment. So I had the chance to learn from different people in many different situations. And I also had lot of time to visit the isle and its awesome beaches.


My friend and teacher ask me when I was leaving to write a word about the school, and after being so well treated and so happy to have my holidays here with this people (you are all fantastic, thank you very much) I need to tell you about. And I know I´am coming back soon.


As an example, don´t want to bore nobody, I will write about the first day. When I meet everybody, teachers, classmates, my host; a great cook (thanks for everything Juan).

We spend an exciting day at the beach trying to float on a surfboard. I became obviously exhausted.

But that day the locals were celebrating his folklore day, and I did not want to miss the party. To get into the open area by the harbour you had to dress tradicionally, like the Maxos (said to be the first settlers). White shirt, hat, black trousers, a red sash and dark shoes. I had everything but the sash and I bought it for nothing (Fuerteventura must be one of the cheapest places in Europe).

And so some of us went. I had a wonderful time and a bit too much ronmiel (rum and honey, that enters too easy). I was offered a lot of food and had some of it. Very friendly people the Majoreros and very prety dark eyed women. It was a magic nigth, we all looked like peasants and sheppards and people were dancing ancient songs about love and joy. I could easily imagine that I was at a party held two hundred years ago among strangers (or better I was the stranger).


Next day, everybody was agree to have lessons at the beach. Speaking part of the course.


I am delighted and my wife tired of my tales about the isle but curious enough to ask me when are we going to visit Fuerteventura.


Kisses for everybody.


Bueno, aqui digo adios en español, hasta pronto amigos.



Leart Cërrik.

Tirana, Albania.

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